A simple and efficient software to manage your wine cellar


Bacchantis is a wine cellar management software.

Simple and user friendly, it has been designed to meet the genuine expectations of wine lovers.

Most wine cellar management softwares are much too complicated for a personal wine cellar management. Bacchantis has been designed by a real user for all users and brings all truly useful functionalities.

Bacchantis has been made to simplify the boring task of entering wine purchases and tastings. The number of mandatory fields is reduced as much as possible to enable relevant analysis on the contents of the cellar or on past tastings.

This software runs on PC equiped with MS Windows and has been so far translated into English and French (the language is chosen from the software's main menu).

A trial version where all functionalities are available

The trial version includes all the features of the full version. However the user can only register 10 different vineyards (with unlimited wine references for each of them).

To get rid of this limitation, the user must get a license for a price of 14,90 €. Practical instructions to get this license and obtain the activation keys are accessible under the menu ?/Buy of the software.

A reactive assistance and automatic updates

Assistance is available on the dedicated forum where you can post your questions in English or French. This forum is also the place to discuss possible improvements to the software and report a dysfunction.

Concerning dysfunctions, we commit ourselves to solving them as soon as possible.

Concerning improvement suggestions, the criterion to take them into account is not the number of requests, but their relevance. One single user can get his suggestion adopted. Don't hesitate to share your own ideas. A software gets better with the users' experience.

Patches or improvements lead to a software update which is published on this web site. Installed versions are automatically updated at startup if an internet connexion is established and if the user hasn't disabled the function "Automatic update at startup".

A few screenshots

Wine cellar contents management:

Wine cellar contents management

Statistics on the cellar contents:

Statistics on the cellar contents

Statistics on the tastings:

Statistics on the tastings